Expected for release in 2025, the CM1 (Cyber Mill One) will be ACTVR's first commercially available advanced, omnidirectional treadmill.

The CM1 is the first treadmill of its kind that provides natural, dynamic movement within a virtual environment.


The possible applications for walking or running in virtual environments are only bound by our imagination. Here are some selected examples.

Construction & Enterprise Training

The CM1 makes it possible for architects, engineers and clients to walk through a virtual version of their future construction.

Aligning the expectations of stakeholders to this extent makes the architect’s visions clear, which in turn could eliminate design revisions and save money.

This can also be utilised by the marketing team, who can take clients or potential clients on a tour of the structure, before even the foundations are laid.

Healthcare & Rehabilitation

Using the treadmill, patients could be given a pre-defined path to walk or run. This gives healthcare professionals a controlled environment in which the patient can be carefully and accurately monitored.

CM1 would allow more targeted measurements and more accurate interventions, leading to better treatment and faster healing.

Research & Development

The CM1 could allow precise measurement and analysis of how people move and behave in a vast range of scenarios; as pedestrians in traffic, in retail, in buildings, in emergencies, etc.

This level of accuracy in testing and measurement could vastly improve the quality and turnaround time of results.

Special and government forces

With the treadmill, it is possible to train forces to use their equipment in challenging or dangerous environments, while all the while remaining safe.

In this controlled environment, performance and body indicators can be measured.

Sports & Fitness

Get an aerobic workout while walking or running through a VR game, or going for a run through an amazing virtual environment.

The treadmill could also be used by athletes, putting them in simulated sporting situations for fine tuning their abilities and training them to handle pressure.


Empower gamers to have a truly immersive experience, where they can walk or run wherever they want in the virtual environment exactly as they would in reality.

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